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Online Team Photo Ordering!

Only available with off ice or off field green screen photos.

Benefits of online ordering for your team!

  1.  See your photos before you order
  2. More options and choices
  3. Choose your own backgrounds on your photos
  4. Build your own photo packages
  5. Digital packages available for instant download.

How it works.

Every player that's interested in ordering photos pays $25 on photo day. Either cash or cheque no etransfers please.

Each player will receive an access code along with a unique coupon code for $25​ that will go directly towards your online order. Our online ordering system accepts all major credit cards, prepaid credit cards and Visa and MC debit cards.

To be included in the team group photo, players must be present on the day your team photos are taken.

Your unique coupon code will credit back the $25 to your final order. You can order the minimum package and there will be no more charges or you can add more items and just pay the difference. Either way you get your $25 back that you paid on photo day.

Each team will have a deadline to place their online orders by. The coupons and gallery will expire on the deadline date. Emails will be sent to remind people about the upcoming deadline and to place their orders. Once the deadline is passed any player that has not placed their order or used their coupon code will be defaulted to the Rookie Package, which is $25. Once the team photo order returns from the photo lab we will contact the team manager and they will pick up the team order and distribute to each player. 

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